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I have been on this healthy hair journey for 3 years now.  As I travel around the country and meet so many people, one of the things that remains constant is there are people who just Love their hair stylist.  I personally love my current stylist Ambra @ Honi Hair Salon in Sugar Land, Texas because she understands me and my hair.  She takes the time to explain what she's doing to my hair and why.  That is very important to me.   We talk about vitamins and the effect it has on the hair from the inside.  She is genuinely interested in Biotin and all the B vitamins. She has taken the time to educate herself on the entire healthy hair concept from the inside and out.  She also has a great personality and is very personable.  Those are just a few reasons I adore her.


I've had instances where I've gone to a salon and the stylist barely communicate with you less knowing what they are doing to your hair.


I want you to use this forum to share with our readers Why Do You Love Your Hair Stylist So Much?

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